The greatest risk to dreaming.

Mojo Crowe
3 min readFeb 9


“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will”- Suzy Kassem

As human beings, the capacity to dream freely and wildly is one of the most important and universal aspects of our existence. And yet in many ways, the act of dreaming — much like play — is one of the most common casualties in our transition from childhood to adulthood.

But if dreaming’s got so much going for it… Why do we so often fail to make it a priority?

Well, put simply, the power of fear strikes again, and often in many different costumes. By the time we’ve got pimples, we’re being influenced by life’s biggest distractions: fear of failure, rejection or the expectations of others.

We start believing we need to do something to be someone, or we doubt our own enough-ness to really go after the things that light us up. The tragedy is that these distractions not only tank our self confidence over time, but they also have us over-indexing on certainty — which can look a lot like staying safe in our comfort zones.

But the thing, they’re called our ‘wildest dreams’ for a reason and they’re inherently uncertain! Our dreams are meant to come in a size too big, or we’d never grow. No matter who you are, or where you’ve come from, you’re gonna feel scared AND excited in the face of a big dream. Believe it or not, there’s physiologically no difference between these 2 sensations — they’re just 2 sides of the same coin.

So, if you’re still waiting to reconnect with those adventurous and crazy, over-sized ideas… Why not create a new Courage Mantra for yourself around dreaming? Here’s just a few examples to get you kickstarted:

Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. So embrace uncertainty, choose courage over comfort, and believe you’re worthy to go after your wildest dreams 💪

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